the call.

some strings were pulled in the process, but we were able to pick up the call right from the receptionist's desk in the missionary department at headquarters. it took a lot of will power to not open it then and there.

it sat next to me {courtney} all morning at work and then came to lunch with me. everyone was just about as excited as i was about it:

"is that a mission call?" 
"why haven't you opened it?" 
"hope it's not boise, idaho!" 

my sentiments exactly.

finally 6:45pm came and paige got out of her classes for the day. we gathered at our uncle's house with paige's closest friends and some family. it was one hoppin' place.

{bryce, trevor, matt, noel, zeek, natalie, paige, ben, cole, ally, cassie, and richard}
{g wood, nick, brett, avery, allyson, whitney, courtney, paige, and pops}

when the time came to open the ol' gal, paige was shaking like crazy and i was all jittery and mom was too excited and dad was all weepy.

{thanks for filming cole!}
italy rome mission!

we never guessed it {except mom said once she thought italy while watching house hunters international}. oh and paige's reaction was something like "i was really sad that i was going to miss that new woody allen movie to rome with love, but now i'll just be living it instead."

you go girl.

let the preparations begin!

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Cassie said...

love all of this and this whole blog and everything and paige and the wightmans. so much love