it runs in the family.

the reaction of all 5 of paige's aunts, and all 5 of paige's uncles, and a bunch of paige's cousins on the wightman side, was exactly the same.

"grandma and grandpa are very proud of you! in fact, they probably influenced your call."

when paige was born, her grandparents were serving their mission in italy rome, so we all grew up with a piece of salerno in our hearts. the italian culture emanated from grandma and grandpa wightman as far back as i can remember. grandpa always reading italian books and listening to italian opera. i remember him sending me {via snail mail of course, even though we lived 5 minutes away} a cassette tape of an italian opera, enclosed with the italian lyrics and english translation. and then there was grandma who always spoke so fondly about the people they met and, fitting to her character, the food! the delicious food. 

they went on to serve yet another italian speaking mission in australia and grandpa jack managed to escape for another visit, all alone, at the spry age of 73.

so you can see why paige being called to serve her mission in italy has great meaning to the wightman family. both our grandparents have recently passed away. but what a way to honor and carry-on their name and legacy, than to continue spreading the gospel of jesus christ in the country and to the people they so loved. 

while in bed, the night after paige opened her call, i could see in my mind's eye, my sweet grandma eleanor and my loving grandpa jack with smiles on their faces. and i could feel their love and concern and excitement for paige as she makes this big step.

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