express summer weekend.

i hereby deem this express summer weekend a success. we may still insert some swimming, hot dog roasting, and hiking into the next couple days, but overall, we're wrapping it all up, packaging our memories and sending them off to italy to be with paige.

friday night we went to the chalk art festival.

paige and i with super hero spongebob.

madonna and child. in chalk!

after the chalk art festival paige wanted to go to bruges, a favorite salt lake original. we got two waffles, one with chocolate and raspberries, the other with creme fraiche and strawberries. yummyyummy! if you've never been, go mid-july or august and get peaches with creme fraiche; it will change your life.

friday night we slept in the backyard, in the tent. that tent used to be a lot bigger ...
we goofed around and watched a paige favorite: when harry met sally. we had so much fun that we did the same thing the next night.

that blue blob with brown hair coming out of it, in the top left picture, that's paige. she was cold.

saturday we managed to fit in litza's, another trip to the chalk art festival, moonrise kingdom at the broadway, dessert {and dinner} at gourmandise, a quick visit to gilgal and sno-cones with fireworks at "country fest" {not "south jordan days"}.

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