from paige: ciao ... finally ...

family hello!
the mtc is a crazy madhouse ... but in the finest way possible. my companion's name is sorella beus from farmington utah and she's headed to milano. she is a gem. she is a perfect mix of kate mcevoy and natalie mees. PERFECT! she calls me sweet or cute about every hour, on the hour. she took spanish in high school and college and lived in peru last summer (she graduated with a degree in biology this year from southern virginia university), so she is quite the little italian. but she is super helpful and patient with me. she is so great ... mostly because she loves everything i love. beyonce, food, diet coke, bruges, movies, and we're both stressing out so much with the time limit on the emial right now.
all the the new missionaries (12 newbies total) are headed to milan besides me, anziano (elder) jones, anziano wortham (a white kid from atlanta that had a rapping group before the mission), and ... you aren't gong to believe me, but there is also an anziano pizza ... all of whom are headed to roma with me on august 22! there are 12 missionaries in an "older" group of italians that will be leaving us in about a week. then in august we get 29 new italian missionaries!! we will be the largest group of italian missionaries the mtc has ever had! viva italia!
our teacher is fratello mortenson. he served in rome a year and a half ago and is now studying italian at byu. he is the smallest, little guy i have ever seen (besides c-lo green) and i just want to shrink him down, put him in my pocket, and take him out to dance on my hands when i am sad .. .a phrase i, regretfully, shared with my district and they have a new view of me now. with his help, our district can pray, bare our testimonies, invite someone to be baptized, recite our purpose as missionaries, and conjugate the crap (oops ... sorella beus has already been asked not to say that word once ... don't tell the district leader) out of like 20 verbs or something good like that ... oh all in italian! crazy how this place works. we have taught our investigator 3 times in italian and will be having our fourth lesson with him tonight. his name is luca and rumor has it he will be our teacher in two weeks ... after we invite him to come unto christ of course.
the food here is CRAY! not necessarily in a good way, but we look for the silver lining around here. they have fountain diet coke, which is all i need.
it was mission president orientation this week so there were lots of fun things to participate in. on saturday, the missionaries that get new presidents got to meet them and have dinner or something secret with them, leaving the rest of us to watch a film. we met in the gym and we were all waiting for the restoration movie to start but then the mtc president said "no wooing or cat calling or acting like immature high schoolers" (his words not mine) which threw us off ... i mean what is there to woo about in the joseph smith movie? then the other side of heaven started and WE WERE IN HEAVEN! we also heard from elder l. tom perry at the mtc devotional on tuesday. all of the 12, but packer and hales, were in attendance. what a treat right? he spoke about the statistical benefits to lds membership. it was super interesting!
for you taylorsville folk, i have seen megan eyre (her room is next door to mine), dallyn ashby, ryan romero, and i think that is all. but they are all doing well and are happy to be here! also, happy taylorsville dayzz!! 
i love you all and thank you for all the sweet letters. keep them coming. it makes my day! use dearelder.com. it's free and i get it the same day that you write it!
go warriors!
sorella wightman
p.s. the mtc no longer gives missionaries the ability to send or print pictures so you'll have to wait until i am in italy to see my lovlies!

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