ciao tutti!

another week of missionary bootcamp has come and gone! this place is a dream...until dinner...then it's a nightmare (ha! kinda kidding). the grass is like chinchilla fur and the trees smell like cream soda. not even lying. there is  so much power in this gathering of the lord's missionaries. i love it! and i am really going to miss it.

we had a little independence day fun last night. we had a fireside where a former lawyer spoke. they presented the flags of the missions and the all the nations that represent every missionary's home. they had everyone cheer for their flags. it was great! we talked a lot about how lucky we are to live in a country that grants religious freedoms and that joseph smith was able to restore the gospel on the earth. we also talked about all the advancements in technology, thanks to the freedom that so many have fought and died to protect, that has aided in the spreading of the gospel. plus we got to watch fireworks and eat ice cream so yay!

okay i haven't been into enough detail about my district so let's talk about the silliest (silly in italian is ... remember?) district in the mtc:

-elder christiansen in from spanish fork and claims to know maaaason (aka madison wood, my cousin with a binkie) from BYU. and just between you and me...i think he might have a little thing for her because he spoke VERY highly of her. he started liking me a lot more after we made the connection so thanks maddy! also he has two earlobes on one ear, has songs on itunes (matthew christiansen...look it up), and the branch president calls him the wrong name every time he sees him, no fail. 

-elder anderson is from bloomington, indiana and closes his eyes everytime he speaks italian. i always want to ask him what he sees in there but i haven't done so because he already thinks i am nuts.

-sister beutler is from springville and is the most prepared person i have ever met. courtney and i always dream about being that type of person that has everything you would ever need in your purse. well that is beutler. plus she can "make a bed with a person in it", taught us how to say "stupid boy" and "flirt" in ASL, and gets about 30 packages a day.

-sister mancuso is from rochester, new york and is a shorter, italian version of libby. she is the biggest little flirt in the mtc and it is a hoot! our ASL comes in really handy when describing her. she has the coolest career ahead of her. she is going to be a dramaturg (one who studies dramaturgy, or the fact checker of tv shows, movies, and plays). whaaaa?

-sister beus is the best! she sings like an angel and in fact she is auditioning for a really touching and impressive musical number in a few minutes. i can't wait! she can make the exact sound as the aliens from signs and i can't decide if it makes me love or fear her more.

i love my district and am so blessed to be with them. i wish oh so badly that i could show some pictures because i am sure their sweet little faces would brighten your day as they do mine.

in other news...
-word on the street is that the pope will be able to see the angel moroni on the rome temple from his balcony in the vatican. zing!

-greeks hate america, apparently and so they only take european missionaries. however, they aren't missing out. the brits going to athens are on our floor and are so funny!

-since there is no such thing as the real world inside of the mtc we are really out of the loop. but we know there must have been a few fires around because when we go outside it snows ash. i hope everyone is okay!
and finally..it's about time you know that:

io so che dio vive and dio chi'ama. noi sappiamo il figli di siou. mediante joseph smith, abbiamo il vangelo restorato in terra oggi. thomas s monson e una profeta vera. il libro di mormon e la parole di dio. gesu e il cristo e nostro salvatore. sono grato l'oppotunita servire un missionare in italia. forzta italia!

i love you all so much! don't forget about me! dearelder.com is the greatest invention since the postal service. just keep that in mind.

all of my love,
sorella wightman

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