sorella wightman. be still my heart what a little angel!

 pointing to their new homes, sad to be leaving each other. 

 tomezze (italian member), peschi and mortenson (mtc teachers), gabriele (italian nonmember) beus, wightman, beutler - christiansen, andersen and mancuso.

 beus + stash.

 beutler + stash.

 pearce + stash.

 heuple + stash.

 mancuso + stash.

 wightman + stash.

look familiar?
sister wightman the first + stash.

i'm glad to see that these were put to good use.

 24th of july fun!

 "our classroom - notice the countdown chain on the left."

 "anziano christiansen and his favorite phrase."

 sister beus and squaw peak.

 the ROMANS!
"they wouldn't stand by me!"
pizza, wightman, jones, wortham.

 sorella wightman and hermana eyre.

matching shoes (good thing they didn't also wear their matching dresses that day!).

wightman, beus, mancuso, beutler, johnston (ariel), bradley.

letters from home!

beus chopped off her hair
sooooooo cute!!!

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Cassie said...

those glasses are THE cutest thing