top secret secrets about disneyland.

as sorella promised in her last letter, here are the top secret secrets about disneyland, obtained from her roommate who used to be ariel:

- 800 girls try out, 100 are cut based primarily on height (must be 5'6 or shorter) and appearance.
- all princesses wear wigs and do their own make-up.
- all princesses spend weeks in some rigorous "princess training" where you study your character and movie, so you can answer questions like "why did you think that fork was a comb?" apparently they tell you to have an answer for everything. 
- princesses are paid $15/hr while "on stage" and $10/hr backstage. they switch between on and off stage every 45 minutes. so they work for 45 minutes, then go on a paid 45 minute break.
- oh also at princess training you learn your special wave (ariel leaves a pinky up), special signatures, and voice training.
- 2 hands have to show in every picture. legal stuff.
- can't gain weight or be on accutane.
- 8 to 11 hour shifts, 5 days a week.
- 25 princesses, meaning 25 different girls play ariel, 7 on the same shift. can't ever be seen together.
- NEVER break character. sister johnston (ariel) said that someone had heat stroke in front of snow white and snow white had to run and get help while still in character.
- sister pearce knew someone who was minnie mouse for the disney cruise line. when they arrived at some port security, they made them take their heads off. disney called and said they would never come through that port again and will never do business with them. yike!
- mickeys and minnies are always either women or asian men because they are tiny.
- princesses get free entrance to any disney park and can let 3 people in for free per day. they also get to preview all new rides.
- all princesses wear gps.
- workers dressed in red plaid from head to toe are hosts for celebrities and big, important clients.
- california adventure is making their own main street type thing and will call it "buena vista street". it is supposed to be the street walt disney lived on so they're making it all 50s like.

and you.

ps - i learned and grew in other ways than my disney love this week. just fyi ...

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csandberg said...

I have been waiting for this post since she promised it in her last letter. That is just so cool she is with a real celebrity! Haha thanks for sharing these nuggets! :)