expect miracles.

hello ciao hey hi hello!

this is one of the frazzled-ist days ever so forgive me now for being really unorganized and frazzled. let us jump right into my week of miracles, shall we?

wednesday (after i emailed ... because you need to know)
- i was feeling all sad about myself (satan is so rude) and being selfish and wasting the lords precious time because i was being sad. but sister taylor was still doing what she does best and pushing me as far as i can possibly go. she told me to talk to a couple at the bus stop on the way to the internet point. i was so uncomfortable that day with my little italian skill but just opened my mouth and prayed for it to be filled. i talked to a couple named giuseppe and yolanda and they were really sweet. i was honest with them and explained that i can't speak the language perfectly but believe that with god everything is possible. we chatted a bit, i gave them a pass along card, and they hopped off the bus. we went about our day and i was feeling a bit better (which always happens when you just do what you are asked to do and forget yourself). we ran into one of our friends that we pass on the benches outside of our apartment, emanuele, and his nephew gianluca. sister taylor plainly said to gianluca hey do you want to quit smoking? because we can help. he was shocked and so were we when he accepted and set up an appointment for us to see him the next day. we ran home to study the program when the phone rang. sister taylor was trying to figure out who it was on the phone and asked if i knew a giuseppe. YES! my bus friend! she said he kept saying that he remembered me and wanted to talk some more about our beliefs! i was so happy! really a miracle!!

- we saw another miracle. we were walking to the bus stop when a man started running after us. in english he was like "wait i need to know what church you two go to!" whaaaa? we got to know him, valentine is the name, and learned that he is a refugee from nigeria, a former preacher and in dire need of the restored gospel. he is fantastic and i am not going to lie...teaching in english is good times. 
- another miracle: i heard love on top by beyonce being sung by a few of the young members at a karaoke activity at the church. another much needed miracle. love my girl b.

- i saw another miracle. being on a bit of a music high i was really hungering for some of my music ... since i hadn't really listened to any music since i left for my mission. so i got my ipod out, turned it on and it asked for a password...which i don't recall setting so needless to say i had no idea what the password was. i tried like 100 times then eventually it was locked and said i needed to plug it into itunes. great. i was so sad. so i said a prayer...heavenly father loves us so much that it is even okay to pray that you will remember your ipod password so you can listen to sufjan stevens come thou fount. and guess what. it worked! i have been in sufjan and explosions in the sky heaven since then. 
- i met a polynesian less active. poly plus italy equals bliss. srsly. she is a gem. her name is fia and i am obsessed with her little figi/italian hut. 
- we visited a member at the hospital ... italian hospitals = scary.

- wightman is TOUGH for italians to say. it is pretty fun but i am basically known as sorella washington nowadays. close.

- a sweet, sweet lady in the ward made me a cute little necklace and tapped my shoulder and gave it to me during the sacrament. sweet spirits in italy!
- a man visiting italy on business from texas was in sacrament. he doesn't speak italian but just was so overwhelmed with the love of this ward. it was so sweet. and so true. love and the spirit speak every language. all the members just hugged him and welcomed him right in. he went to thank the bishop after the meeting with sister taylor translating for him and he and the bishop just cried and cried tears of love. it was presh.
- i made it half way through my first transfer! woo!

- we tried to do this awesome lesson with a new member that is maybe 12 using cookies. but because it is so hot here ... the chocolate chips melted in the batter before we got them in the oven and it basically turned into one big flat brown thing instead of chocolate chip cookies. we are representing american favorites really well ...

- ZONE CONFERENCE! it was the best. i have so much more to tell you all about this but absolutely no time to tell you about it because time was not on our side today so i will tell you more next week. but the best thing is that sorella kelly challenged us to read the book of mormon by christmas. join me? 

fyi i LOVE all the support i have been getting. keep it coming. but just so everyone knows...it takes about 10 days to 2 weeks for a letter to get to/from me. so i am writing everyone back it just takes a while to get to you and i am so super sorry! i wish could email everyone but we are asked to only email family. and obedience is happiness so you know.

p.s. cass--this is for you cray.

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