ask the missionaries ... they can help!

me and some really large nutella. and my book of mormon. nothing makes me happier than that combination ... clearly.

hellllllo my friends!

coming down from the conference high yet? i hope not. ride it all the way to april guys! wasn't it a fantastic conference? i didn't get to watch the whole thing, sad right, but i saw most of it (and also most of the VP 1st ward youth in the choir ... HOLLER!) and loved it so so much. 

here are some of my thoughts i had during la conferenza generale:
- YAY tucson and megan! go temples yeah!
- also woo peru!
- what the babies serving missions?! can wait to have some 18 year old anziani and 19 year old sorelle up in here. the more the merrier! 
- i wonder when mom and dad will serve another mission(s)? hint hint.
- where can i buy a mormon t shirt to represent in the boot? speaking of t shirts i really need to make a "funny shirts with english words wore by italians" book. seriously it is out of control.
- i am never saying "if only..." ever again and never regretting anything ever. dream big, right?
- man i hope CASSIE BINGHAM was listening to the beginning of elder nelsons talk. (if she wasn't i will quote: missions are a welcomed option for the young women of the church. this voluntary act of service will improve the quality of your life and you will probably serve somewhere really cool and it will be so fun and your facebook will be packed with cool pictures and ethnic friends afterwards and hey maybe you will go to the italy rome mission and you and your best friend will speak italian to each other especially if we are talking about secrets in front of other people ... it was something like that but maybe my notes are off ...)
- the deepest regrets of tomorrow can be made right today through the atonement of christ. beautiful. 
- it's not a race it's a journey; enjoy the experience. again beautiful.
- i wonder how many of these uchtdorf quotes will be cross stitched on a pillow or graphically designed all pretty and pinned all over pinterest.
- i love my family so much. i miss my family so much. i miss my luv sac so much.
- bees are awesome. 
- goodness gracious those valley park first ward kids are great singers! 
- temples are so great and the next time i go to one i am doing a grit test. 
- babies rock. i love them.
- president eyring rocks. i love him. 
- have i done any good in the world today?
- observe and then serve ... another perfect pinterest quote. 
- do    you    love   me ?
- love that elder holland.
- man! prayers in conference are super under rated (did anyone catch this beauty from the saturday afternoon closing prayer: now that we have heard they word help us to do thy will. beaut.).
- the opportunity to be a blessing to another is often unexpected. 
- the spirit was strong enough to melt their bones. cray.

and those are basically my notes from conference. 

in other news ...
- everyone! look up the movie "the butterfly circus" and then watch it and then dry your eyes and then write me and tell me how much you loved it. especially this line "if only you could see the beauty that can come from ashes". sold yet? if not ... this movie includes an old grandpa doing tricks in the air, a really cool man named mendez, butterflies, feels like you're watching big fish, and a woman with a beard. yeah. that good. 
- i heard this song the other day and now am a huge fan. i am afraid to tell you what it is because it sounds like one of those songs that are silly and overplayed in america but everything sounds better when italians are singing it at the top of their lungs as they make your pizza after saturday conference. it goes like this ... i think ... this is at least what the italians sang ... "that girl is on fire, she's got her head in the clouds and she's not coming down" ... can i like that song or is it something to be embarrassed about? cass? court? ben?

-in english class (which is like my favorite thing and i realized that i never talk about them) we played mafia. note to self:  don't make a game out of something that everyone is seriously afraid of. oops.
- i learned the last name of our investigator valentine. take a whack at this name: valentine ogbonmwan. 
- valentine is so great and he is now the number one fan of "thomas" (aka president monson). he should write fortunes for fortune cookies because he says things like "if you know jesus, you know tomorrow" all of the time and it is GREAT!

sorella taylor, fratello ogbonmwan, and i. what a model he is.

- there is a sorella teirchert in the mission. didn't think anything of it until i found out that MINERVA TEIRCHERT is her great grandma! best mission ever.
- it was COLD yesterday! woo! and it is raining all day today! woo! yeah yeah woo yes!

sorella taylor and i tutto bagnato (all wet) and still looking fly.

-we found a new internet point that is actually a place that everyone else comes to play online gambling stuff. haha now myldsmail.net is recorded into the computer. ha!
- i love you all so much!
- thank you for all the support, prayers, and love. right back at you.

vi voglio bene!
tanti bacci,
sorella wightman

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