buona sera da ... (again).


woo! i am still in my city and LOVING err minute of it! what a relief! i hope you are all enjoying crisp fall air and a bit of a chill ... because i barely remember what it feels like to be cold. enjoy it for me, my loves, because it is still HOT and HUMID out of control here in my italy. but that is okay ... i guess. ha!

okie. so this week. so good. sooo gooood! after i emailed last week i ate gelato in a brioche bun ... whaa? yeah that's right. so good. so bad for you. so worth it. also, you are never going to believe this, but i have been senza diet coke(dc) since the MTC. that is over a month of being without my one true love! but i found some in a pizzeria! and bought in, ripped that sucker open and dumped it in my mouth. it tasted like tin. and was a huge disappointment. sad. we also saw a castle and i don't have an eloquent enough vocabulary (especially now that i am stuck in this weird language limbo that i cant really speak english and i cant really speak italian so i just speak my own tongue and it cray) to describe it's beauty so good thing i have pictures! woo!

gelato and brioche.

me and dc.

the castle. kind of. google it for a better view.

 me and taylor on top of the castle.

view from the castle.

some man gave us a free chicken the other day. we gave it to our neighbor (you remember franco ... the guy that reminds us to say hello to you all from him every week, including today) and his wife that is afraid of us or something. nothing bonds neighbors quite like chicken.

we went to the opening kick off activity that introduced the weekly (that is right WEEKLY) relief society activities. they will cook a pastry one week, a meal the next week, have a cultural night the next week, and the last week of the month is a service project. so great, right? love them. 
a really cute sign for the rs activity that i am in love with and KNOW that courtney is too.
we, mia bella sorella taylor and i, have deemed this week CONFERENCE MANIA! we have talked to literally every person about conference and i have never been so excited for conference. but i have to admit, i am going to miss my city A LOT this weekend. we have been telling the members what conference weekend is like in salt lake city, because it is seriously every members dream to come to salt lake for conference, and i get a little sad every time we talk about it. so love it for me this weekend. it is like a holiday so treat it like one! it will be fun to experience it in the boot this year though! 

our investigator valentine is great. he was worrying us a bit last week with some things but last night some beautiful miracle happened, as it always does when you look for them. the incredible youth of the ward just opened their arms and sucked him in last night, which is a little tricky since he speaks english. and now valentine is their NUMBER ONE fan ... yeah even more than i am. he told us "i love god. i love the bishop. i love my new friends. i need to be baptized!" so we will see. oh happy day!

oh also there are these crazy parades they do for the saints here. there are always statues of certain saints in the cathedrals and they all have holidays (i think it is the day that saint died) and they take the statues out of the cathedrals and walk around with them while the members follow holding candles and singing and praying and stuff. i'll include pictures. we saw a procession for san cosimo and for san teresa this week. the after party included eating and singing karaoke until the wee hours of the morning. all for the saints!

san cosimo marching band. haha!

san cosimo and his brother that is also a saint but i cant remember his name. don't tell the catholics! 

the line "its always darkest before the dawn" (florence, my love) has been on constant replay in my mind and now i am witnessing it firsthand. it is so true! woo!

guys do me a favor will you? will you:
- watch conference with a PURPOSE?
- read 3 nephi 13:22 ... let me just write it out for you here ok? "the light of the body is the eye. if therefore thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light" (cassie and ben ... i know what you are thinking right now and no this scripture has nothing to do with the illuminati ...) i love love love this because if our eyes are always looking to christ, simply looking (like that story of moses and the serpent on the stick and he tells everyone to look at it and be healed) then we will be filled with HIS light and everyone will see and feel that light. bellisimo!
- ask my uncle john to share the talk that he shared with me with you? because it is a gem. beautiful. 

okay my lovelies, it is that time agian. LOVE conference, will you? i will! 

all of my love from the home of pizza and gelato,
sorella wightman

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