tour of sorella's apartment.

mom requested a picture tour of the apartment so here we go! 
in no certain order i will explain the pictures...

-my bulletin board complete with: pictures of you good looking people, a great little bookmark i bought at albero bello, a quote mom sent to met while i was in the mtc that gave me so much strength and continues to do so everyday, my new favorite picture of christ with the little girl looking up as his perfect brightness shines down on her (i feel like that little girl as a missionary), and la visone della missione di roma (our mission vision) which is jam packed with goodness.

 -our bedroom. my bed is on the left, the one with an awesome quilt that i found in the apartment. the doors lead to a tiny balcony. all of the windows have these big shutter-type things that i think are also like hurricane window things but when you shut them not one little bit of light or sound comes in from the outside. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it and i want some on all of my windows in utah. haha!

 -my desk. nothing special to add there.

-the view for our balcony. good old cesare battisti. nice view of my little italian beach city.

-our bathroom. notice the tiny shower. ha it is so tiny! imagine me showering in that on the first day and thinking how the heck am i supposed to breath in here?! shaving legs is impossible. that is what the bidet is used for haha!

-this is our dressing room. we have our big closets that are really beautiful. and yes those things under the window are the drying racks for our clothes. that is another thing that is really great about italy. no dryers. at first i thought it was annoying since all of our towels and clothes are crispy from air drying but after some more thought i really like it. dryers are just luxury and really expensive. maybe i wont have a dryer when i grow up. also in this room is an archive of every italian liahona and a lot of ensigns. it is great. the ensign is a gem. 

-the inside of my giant closet. i just wanted you all to see how giant it is. nice right?

-our front door. i love that we have that big sign reminding us to expect a miracle! because when you look for miracles you find them.

-our supply shelf. i love looking at all the different languages of the bom we have. it is so great that the church has the resources and money to supply the missionaries with these great tools! we give out lots of italian books ... obviously, some english and quite a few romanian things. we gave a chinese pamphlet (good news! it took me a solid minute of intense thinking to remember the english word "pamphlet" yay!) once.

-my favorite part of our house. the christmas wreath and the drawings from kids in the ward. this one is from the bishops daughter, greta. she whipped that baby out in about 20 seconds. haha what a smartie party she is too, throwing out her english skills!

i just remembered that i never took pictures of the kitchen. we also have a kitchen. ha!

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