when i preach i smile, i don't know why.

me and my two favorite things (mcdc and beyonce, who is playing in mcdonalds which i understand that you can't hear but you can plainly see on my fierce face that it could be nobody else but the queen b. i love her so much and she sounds even better in italy!)

buona sera amore mie!

do you love the title? yeah me too. that is just one of the classic lines from valentine (or "valentino" as the ward insists on calling him) this week. he really needs to write a book or something. or maybe i will. all about him and the things that he says. others goodies from him this week:

-in nigeria the weather is the best. you want to know why it is the best? because it is the best.
-these things that you give me to read are my food. i don't need anything else. 
-i want that man to baptize me (the bishop) because he has the power of god on his bones.

yeah he is a gem.

okay so i think i have talked about la famiglia kovacs before but if not i am going to now because they are great and they love me. and i love them. mostly because the baby of the family (robby) loves michael jackson more than anything and put on a michael jackson show for us the other night. and it was the best mj impersonation i have ever seen. seriously. prodigy this kid.

on sunday we ate with these 3 siblings, all over the age of 80. they are super catholic, in fact one of them was a nun, but they love us. we had some pasta dish with anchovies (...) while we chatted about the pope and being a nun and tithing and mitt romney. 

it has been raining way hard these days. it is great! i love it a lot. but it doesn't love me back. i look like a monster by the end of the day. the other night i set out to have a really picturesque little journal writing minute. i got all ready for bed, went out to on the balcony and sat it a chair FULL of water. it was scary. i screamed and scared everyone! haha!

after the chair incident.

we visited a family that are old investigators this week. they have 11 kids and are sooo great. some of the litter came to church randomly this week so we are going to see what we can do about them. but yeah we visited them this week and i love them. all the kids are artist and i snuck like 12 photos. i will attach one. it is great! i asked one of the daughters to draw something for me that i saw in a dream i had the other night. i will keep you posted. hopefully she will remember ... and hopefully she understood what i was saying. story of my life, guys.

sneak art photo capture. pretty picture huh!

**sidenote: we are in this internet place and maroon 5 is blasting. nothing is better that listening to a bunch of middle aged italian men singing their hearts out to american pop. almost as good as yesterday when we visited a 90 year old grandma and her 50 year old son was dancing around the house singing hit me baby one more time. HA!***

okay every week i say to myself "you have got to tell your family and friends about your english class" and then i never do. so now i will. my english class is so great! my biggest fans. only because i am american. but hey i'll take it. the other classes are super serious grammar oriented but my class is only for conversation. so they told me all that i have to do is talk. and you guys know how good i am at that. especially in english! woo! so yeah i just come and talk to these italians. they only ever want to talk about america. they are obsessed. like way more patriotic than any american that i know. so yesterday i chose to talk about 2012. i figured that that is super american these days. i was right. italians don't really talk about the end of the world. so we talked about that yesterday and they now think that the world will end because americans think it and apparently america is superior. oops. sorry italy. for the language practice we pretended that it was the day before the end of the world and i had a rocket that would save us, but i could only take half of the class. so they had to give speeches about why they should be chosen to come. it was great! this is how i spend my tuesday and thursday nights these days. guys i need your help though. what else does america love? i forgot. so tell me things i can talk to them about, send pictures and stuff that i can use!! that would be great and about 20 italians will LOVE you! and so will i. a fake, wannabe italian.

okay so i have been studying the tree of life this week. wooooaaahhh!! why am i just now obsessed with this?! seriously. i had like 20 other things i wanted to talk about in my email but this is all i can think about these days. i read a great talk about it by elder bednar. it is in the october 2011 ensign. read it. will you please? actually read the whole issue. it is all about the book of mormon, aka the secret to how to be happy. 

also important news. i am writing an anime um thing ... comic strip? graphic novel? .. .in my head about sorella taylor. in my head because i don't have time to actually do it and plus the possibilities are endless when you just think about things right? it will be called the adventures of ling ling and it will include all of the little sayings that she says that sound like an asian mickey mouse. i'll act it out for you ... next december. ha! yikes that seems like an eternity. ha! good. i need some time here. 

well my lovlies, it is that time again. gotta go. but know that i love you, i pray for you every night, and have crazy dreams about you (like the one i had the other night about my parents selling their house and moving to provo and i cried a lot ... and that was the end of the dream. mom and dad, don't move okay? or the other one with courtney with me in italy and she didn't like it and it broke my heart. and i cried. a lot. courtney, love italy okay?)

cultural side note. there is no such thing as alfredo sauce in italy. america made that up. weird huh.

the olive cart. oooo! dad you love that right now huh! yeah me too.

classy italian mcdonalds. no that is not essential oils ... that is how italian mcdonalds packages their dressing. and no there aren't fries..but bread sticks instead.

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