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hellllooooo my loves! 

cray day. 
it has been a pretty slow week. nothing out of the norm. until of course 5 minutes ago when we walked into the internet point and the following conversation occurred ...

us:             hey guys! how are you?
guys:         terrible.
us:             what?! why??
guys:         because of what happened today!
us:             ...
guys:         you know... the tornado ...
us:             oh no where was the tornado?
guys:         uh ... in taranto ... about 10 minutes away from where we are right now ...
us:             really?!
slla taylor: oh look our phone is off ... oops. (she turns on cell phone as we watch the destruction of our little city on tv)
-our cell phone rings-
us:             (on the phone) hi elders did you guys hear abo--
us:             okay.

and now i am here. ha! what a crazy little minute. and speaking of minute ... that is about as much time as i have to write since apparently our ride is coming to get us right now and lock us up in our house until the tornado passes. i will be quick. hopefully i will survive. haha just kidding it is really not a big deal. 

-happy thanksgiving. the whole day was so weird because it felt like we should celebrate something but nobody else was celebrating...because we are in italy not in america. sometimes i forget.
-i told/acted out all of the sixth sense and all three (actually just the first 2 because the 3rd was too scary to share) paranormal activities for sorella taylor during lunch. it was good times.
-we taught valentine about eternal marriage. he love love love love loved it! in fact now he wants an eternal companion for christmas. we will see what we can do about that. this is also where he said the quote that is also the subject of this email. he was talking about a dream he had where he used his priesthood. he loved that. i love any story from valentine that he includes spelling to emphasize his points. he also said this classic line: "if you ever come to visit me when i have a house i will buy you ice cream because i know that women like ice cream." yep ... ready for an eternal comp that one.

-the micoli family accepted a soft baptismal date!!! finally. wooo hooo!!

-we learned that the mafia isn’t just in the movies. all is well. but i will save some of these stories for fun action stories after the mission ...
-we had an italian lesson with val. he learned how to pray and bear his testimony in italian. i wish i could bottle it up and send it to you because there is nothing better than valentines italian with an african twist. 
-we got to help the book of mormon come alive with some of our sweet investigators. i loved it so much.

-there is a man from america that is here in taranto on business. he has come to sacrament meeting for the last 2 weeks and last week bishop announced over the pulpit that he would be giving a talk the next week (without warning the poor american beforehand. haha!). so brother harmon gave a talk in english while a sister in the ward that served on temple square translated. it was great! i love that ward! they LOVE brother harmon now. and this is how they treat everybody!! they love love visitors. so if you want to come visit taranto be prepared to give a talk...because you will give one whether you want to or not...since bishop just announces them whenever. haha!
-the anziani had a baptism of a man who had been taught all of the lessons by his friend and missionaries in spain. he and his bulgarian friend travel all over europe and put on entertainment shows. they are straight up CRAY. whoa. i want you to meet them. for those of you that know glenn (the one with two ns and has a home in stg), picture a really flamboyant italian version of glenn and you have got fabio...the guy who was baptized. we were almost late to the baptism but made it just in time, however i needed to use the ladies room real bad. real real bad. and just had to get over it and enjoy the baptism. THEN bishop announced over the pulpit (again without warning. sly guy, that bishop) that i would be bearing my testimony. then i REALLY had to go. but i was able to learn a new talent of mine. i speak italian really well with a full bladder. 
-the ward members just got back from the temple trip in switzerland saturday night and they (literally almost every member that went to the temple) brought us back swiss chocolate. the rumors are true. europe has the best chocolate. and swiss chocolate...get out of town...so good.

-nothing happened except a lesson that i relearned about silk garments and tights...throw running as fast as you can to an appointment about 2 miles away really doesn’t help.

-we did some stuff. really we just "did street" as the kids (missionaries) say. meaning we tracted. basically all day long. woo! yeah! woo! we met a great lady named dora. she is catholic. and we saw our cbbff (cesare battisti best friend forever) gianluca and learned that today is his birthday but our mini party for today is cancelled due to the natural disaster that really rained on the parade (i am so funny).

today there was a tornado. and i shopped for christmas. yeah. now i have to go and i can’t send pictures. but. you will get double the fun next week. oookkkaaayyy??

much love.
sorella washington/white mary

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