silk garments and tights are not a good couple.


i have 20 minutes to write today...ick. SO sorry that it won't be long, but just living the mission life. and sometimes mission life cuts down on email life. but know that i love you and want to write 12 novels of just this week to fill you in. instead i will give you my grateful list, because if i recall correctly, tomorrow is THANKSGIVING and i am all festive like that.

i am grateful for...
-the idioms that i taught (and learned) at english course.
-the bookstore that we discovered this week that has been in business since 1920. and also for the serious cash i laid down there for CHRISTMAS!!
-the zucchini that i ate this week with oil, balsamic vinegar, and mint, delish.
-lds.org and valentine's lastest obsession with it.
-auchan. the italian mall that makes me think about target.
-the sgobio family (who deserve their own email so i will explain their perfection another time).
-the living christ. and the decision that sorella taylor and i made to memorize it in italian this transfer. (guys, will you memorize the living christ with me before christmas? i promise blessings of all kinds).
-the opportunity to serve a mission in such a christ centered place.
-the italian language and for all the help that i get from a loving heavenly father that speaks it so perfectly.
-the book of mormon reading challenge that sorella kelly gave us. because all it has done is wrapped me in a big, cozy, spiritual blankie of goodness and happiness and never ending peace. specifically the book of alma that i finished this morning.
-books. and writing.
-you. and all of your niceness.
-sorella taylor. ugh. i love her. i am thankful for her patience, her christlike nature that comes pouring out at every moment, her positive attitude, her LOVE, and just for who she is, what she does, who she is becoming and really just everything.
-MY sorella. courtney. i love her. i am thankful that she set such a high bar for what mark and lisa wightmans kids do. and for her style, and sense of humor, and her perfect understanding of me and my craziness, for her support, and her unmatched ability to comfort me. and i am thankful that sometimes i miss her so much because if i didn't miss her and my parents that would mean that i would have nothing to come home from italy for.
-my parents. for their love and support. for their letters that i tape into my pmg and read whenever i feel discouraged. their letters are in my PREACH MY GOSPEL! the second most sacred book i own! that is how important their words are to me. for their humor and love for movies (i am thankful for movies) and art and music and food (whoa i am so thankful for food) and travelling, and byu (thankful) and everything that they are and expect of me.
-above all i am thankful for the restpred gospel of my savior and redeemer jesus christ. i am thankful to live in the time of living prophets, the book of mormon, religious freedom, temples, and the fullness of the gospel. i am thankful for his great atoning sacrifice for me. little old me. i make lots of silly mistakes and do so all of the time. and jesus christ knew that i would and still he thought i was worth it. for that i am forever grateful, and for the opporutnity to share this message of hope and the reality of change, which has quickly become one of my most wonderful dreams come true.

i love you.
pictures and italian phrases x2 next week.
sorella wightman.

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