to all who want to send sister wightman a christmas package:

1. you can use either address.  if you use the mission office address it may take longer to get to her as it would only go when the president travels to her area (and who knows how often that is?).
2. the mission office says envelopes are better than packages. flat rate boxes/envelopes are available at the post office for free and may be more reliable. it takes 2-3 weeks for flat rate packages to get to paige, but they are not cheap. the weight doesn't matter and the smallest envelope/box costs $17ish to mail. the next size up costs like $47 and the largest is over $60 if i remember correctly.
3. if what you are mailing weighs less than 2 pounds it is cheaper to mail it in your own packaging but there are no guarantees of it getting there.

another missionary who is also serving in italy gave these tips to her family:

- two known things that never come through are shoes and medicine/vitamins.
- padded envelopes are cheaper.
- my companion just received two packages from home for her birthday yesterday. they only cost $16  to $20 to ship, but when they got here they were taxed €30!! ($45 u.s.)
- write " missionary supplies" or "candy" these two things are never taxed and come through fine. never write "gift"!
- to lower declared value you can mail used things (e.g. wear the shirt around for a day and then it's used).  
- put pictures of the virgin mary or baby jesus on the package!! it sounds INSANE but for some reason packages with that stuff on them come through just fine. i love italy!! also you can write "amo gesù bambino" on the package and it comes through fine :) 

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