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helllllllloooooo family!

did you know that at home i get about half way through february/march and get so sick of winter that i just show mother nature that i am just not going to deal with her games anymore so i stop wearing a coat and all that garbage and pretend that it is spring. well that has kicked in a tad early this year and i am going tight-less today. take that mother nature!

along with my rebel against mn, it has been quite the busy busy little week, and today is just the start of the madness, really. tonight and into tomorrow we are doing a scambio (exchanges) with the sorelle in bari. i am going with a real true, through and through, italian, sorella rosato. eeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!! scary. but good. then friday is zone conference! woo!! woop!! yap! then we are starring in a missionary activity in statte that night. so yeeeeah. busy little missionary bees. but before we get too crazy i had better tell you on the golden week that is now long gone.

-i got a new student in my english class. he walked in and i thought for a split second that i was on snl because he looks EXACTLY like fred arnstan armisen (what? someone tell me what his real last name is). seriously i was stuck for the rest of the class. so instead of reviewing comparative superlatives and the difference between "hair" and "air" (a true problem for those sweet italians), i was explaining who fred is, in all of his bike gang, dumpster diving goodness. don't you worry about a thing friends ... i will attach a photo.

fred's italian twin.

-we had some nice lessons and walked over the entire city but other than that i can't really remember anything ... except one thing.
-italy is covered in these things called chinese stores. they sell everything you would ever need ever and for about 1/2 the price. we frequent these guys often. they are called chinese stores because they are all run by chinese people and have chinese lamps outside in order for you to quickly find a good deal. we needed to grab something from the store this day and met the sweetest chinese man i ever did see, trying to learn italian. he had some computer program to help him. it would say the word in italian then in chinese and he repeated it over and over and over. and over. and over. "libro"...."libro"...."libro"..."libro". he didn't speak english but he did notice that our tags said jesus christ. so he pulled out an old folded up picture of christ, pointed at it then his heart and smiled. we told him we would be right back and returned with all the chinese material we had ... which was only a restoration pamphlet and a finding faith in christ dvd. i have never seen and happier chinese/italian in my whole life. yay for the gospel!

-ready for a miracle guys ... we made a map book with all of the less actives. so when we finish in one area we open the map book and visit the less actives in the area. this happened a few days ago and we found someone right by where we were. her name is jlenia and we contacted her on her 18th birthday. it turns out that jlenia was never baptized (so who knows why she was on the member list in the first place) because her parents would never give her the permission. she met with the missionaries for 2 years, was really involved in the ward, and even went to efy. the missionaries lost touch with her and she ended up going back to the catholic church with her mom instead. we are counting that as a huge miracle that a) we found her on the ward list even though she isn't a member and b) we found her on the very day that she can accept to be baptized without anyone's permission. we went over saturday morning to read the bom with her. we had her ask a question (she asked why we have to wear nice clothes to church) then we read 1nephi1 to find an answer. after reading she didn't feel like that chapter had anything to do with her question. smed and i referred her to verse 8 when lehi gets a sneak peek into heaven and sees angels singing and praising god. we asked her to imagine how those angels were dressed. probably not in jeans, or dirty, or an old hard rock cafe t shirt. we told her that we considered this an answer to her question because we go to church to sing and praise god too ... why are we any different than these angels? were not! she responded with a really nice, english response, "i hate you" hahah! i don't think she likes dresses or something. haha! just another testimony that the book of mormon is a living book. sure, it was written a while back but it applied then and it still applies now. it can because it isn't a book of man but a book from god. i know it without any shadow of a doubt and i count myself blessed to have it.

-did i tell you about clementina? she is a lovely young mom that came to the church looking for answers to her questions (yeah ... miracle) and we were (not by coincidence) there and were able to have a really great lesson with her. she has a degree in theology and is hungry to know the truth. then all of the sudden she disappeared. this all happened like 2 weeks ago. maybe three. then out of the blue, in the middle of gospel principles a lovely young mom glides into the church, bows, and crosses herself (what an entrance!). this little sweetie was clementina, her phone broke and she didn't know how else to contact us. she remembered that we told her what time church started and she came looking for us. just. in. time. anyway the ward has just loved her right into the ward family and we will be having the next lesson with her on saturday after she goes to a ward activity on friday and to a member's house for lunch. haha i love italians SOOOO much!

was good. 

-we learned the baking powder is a miracle product and how you can clean any and everything with it. good old relief society.
-there is this other student in my english class, not fred, that lived in america for a foreign exchange program for a year. he took over the class time to talk about prom. the class has never been more intrigued by anything ever before than this. they are looking into starting this whole prom thing over here now. 

well now you know 7 more days about my italian adventure. man i love this. i love love love it!!
read this and prepare to be amazed. 

looooook what i found ... go cougs!!!

cheetah power.

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