who did adam and eve's kids marry?

ciao tesori miei! another week another email full of nonsense about the ones i love the most for the ones that i love the most.
lets not waste a second shall we?
-we met up with a lady that comes to corso dinglese. she bought us foccacia and wanted us to explain to her the secrets of love. she came to the wrong girl. instead i taught her about how true love never has to end and that the love that we feel in our families is just a taste of the love that heavenly father has for his creations. this is becoming my new favorite hobby. give me a topic and i will relate it to the gospel somehow. it is fun. try it sometime.
-we had a lesson with the kovacs fam. we talked about eternal marriage. (no we didn't personally plan a week full of lessons about love and butterflies and cupcakes...sometimes that just happens when you serve a mission in the birthplace of romance). we read the family proc altogether and shared our input. robby however (side note: i haven't told you all enough about robby. he is great. he is like an italian/romanian version of adam. so naturally i love him a lot.) wast interested on the overall theme of the proc, but instead the deep doctrine. we spent 30 minutes answering his 11 year old questions about how adam and eves kids were able to "multiply and replenish the earth". lets just say that he learned a lot. and so did we. haha!
-sorella smedley is the queen of keeping missionary work lively and fun. for example...for every time we get stood up (when someone doesn't come to a meeting that we scheduled) we go to these little newsstands to buy these stickers of soccer players for like 10 cents. you know how back in the day kids traded baseball cards and also pokemon cards? well the cool italian kids have kept the fire alive but instead of cards they trade stickers and instead of baseball it is soccer. so we are all over the soccer scene right now. plus we have more to talk about with the youngins. sadly we bought a LOT of stickers this day...but my collection is really coming together quite nicely.
-i found my post mission bff. she is probably in her 60s, from napoli but lives in orem, and works in the family history library in slc. she came to give a really fabulous presentation to the ward about genealogy. confession... genealogy has never appealed to me (sorry sorry sorry) besides that show called who do you think you are...until now. this sorella really had me going about the importance of family history work. now that is all i want to do when i get home. hold me to it okay? i asked her if we could be friends when i get home so we can speak in italian and do all the family history work we can possible handle. she said "yeah" and i said "YEAH!" so i have a new italian utahn friend and we will geneologize the world!!
-we bought a lot more stickers...
-we also had fhe with a family in the ward. they made the italian version of pigs in a blanket. we were with another sister in the ward and she was crazy about those little guys. italians go crazy for meats that are wrapped in things.
-corso dinglese started again! man i love my class. they are silly silly silly but i love them more for it. we played "never have i ever" and i ended up explaining that that is just the title of the game and that i am aware that it is grammatically incorrect. tough crowd.
-is today.
sorella smed taught me the secret to know if you are eating good gelato. she says that the faster it melts the worse it is. keep that in mind and show me where to find some good utah gelato.
well guys. that is all. i love my mission. it is hard!! really really hard!! but it is so so great. i read a great quote from elder holland this week that says that heavenly father wants us to be happy but he also wants us to be strong. the more we fight and sacrifice to change our weaknesses into strengths, the happier and stronger we will become. this is our plan. fight to get better every single day. i know you can do it. why? because you matter to the creator of the heavens and the earth and he created it all for this exact reason. be happy. be strong. and i will do the same!!
love you you all!!
sorella wightman.
no pictures because i didn't take one this whole week like a big fat sinner. next week. 

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