i am haaaaaappy!

ciao cari miei,

metaphor time: 
missions are like stretching. good for you. change you. better you. right when you start you're like "ow" but then your like "hey yeah i like this". you see quickly that you aren't very flexible. you feel bad about it but then you do it everyday, improving (even by a teeny inch) every single day. then you realize that you are getting more and more flexible and decide that you actually really really really like it, even though it hurts a little but it is more rewarding than anything. sometimes people come along and push you and you say "ow!" then you say "hey i am more flexible now. thanks guy!" then you have been stretching for 8 months and decide that you don't ever want to stop. you want to twist and turn and learn how to turn into a pretzel or a churro or any other carnival treat that you prefer. but then your say "uh oh i only have a teeny bit of time to learn all of that." then you pray and pray and pray for that pusher to come a push you and it hurts and you back off some times and other times you push yourself and you become the most flexible of your life and also the happiest of you life. 

that is happening to me right now. 
and it rocks! 

let's go through the stretching routine of the week:
-we had a really lovely visit from a general authority and his wife this week, anziano and sorella richards. gems. he spoke about how to teach more clearly, for understanding and being more effective. for a quick moment i felt like i have been wasting my whole mission doing everything wrong and was really sad for a minute. but then i said "hey! that feeling doesn't come from heavenly father." i remembered a line that i say over and over again "we have a loving heavenly father. he has a plan for us. that plan includes ups and downs so that we can become like jesus christ." hey! yeah! so smed and i are working like mad men lately, doing everything possible to be better teachers, teaching clearly for understanding. and it has already blessed us immensely. yeah for stretching!
-after the mission tour, we were on the bus. the bus driver stopped a bit before the regular stop. he was closer to our house anyway so i was like "score! let's get off here." the message wasn't communicated well and i didn't learn that until i was standing alone on cesare battisti and my smed was still on the bus. scariest. moment. of. my. life. haha! i haven't been alone in months and i hated it!! i RAN to the next stop and grabbed my companion and was saved. haha!
-we ate with an older lady of the ward this week. a FEAST! she used to work in a little italian cafe in salt lake. i had never heard of it and now i can't remember the name of it. but she said that it was in a tall blue building and now it is all office buildings. ringing any bells? too bad it isn't there anymore. i would live there after the mish and talk and eat with her all day because she is a sweetie pie (and also makes really great pie). 
-SPEAKING OF ITALIANS IN SLAT LAKE ... guess who got their mission calls??!! giada is going to chicago ... okay so i was wrong with that one BUT GAIA IS GOING TO TEMPLE SQUARE!! yay i have an italian to be my best friend when i get home! i was SO excited when she told me! she is SO excited!! she is going to the mtc in provo in june. so she will be on the square around august or september. she speaks english pretty well already. go be her friend. she is a gem and i love her soooo much. you will too. plus i gave her a great map of slc with all of the hidden gems and goodies. she is prepared.
-also valentine was REALLLLLY excited for gaia. haha! he told her "i am so haaaaaaappy!" over and over and over again. then he wanted to say a prayer for her so he went ahead to say the nicest and bestest prayer ever. he loves missionaries!! ps i gave him a picture of peggy and he also been including her in his prayers lately. i am not looking forward to him leaving but oh how excited i am for him to spread his love with more people! 
-we found another GOLDEN lady to teach, laura. we just began the whole shabang with her yesterday and she is already so willing to do whatever is asked. i love these strong, independent ladies that we have been teaching that are just hungry for the truth. heavenly father really loves his children, dare i say even more so his italian daughters, because i swear they are so prepared and ready to receive the FULLNESS that is waiting for them, to guide them and protect them and bless them beyond all measure. 
-we just heard who the new president is ... PRESIDENTE E SORELLA WADDOUPS! they are used to be in my aunt and uncles ward so i will be right back reppin some tville pride, back to my rooooots. even though a little piece of me will die with the kellys (not an exaggeration, they are THAT good), i am excited to meet my tvillas (i am so clever ... ville ... villa ... italian...ha?) and give them a nice warm italian with a west side tville twist. FORZA ROMA!

alright, this is a cray email. forgive me. i am really silly this morning for some reason. but this is what happens when you decide to a) be happy. b) follow christ to the best of your abilities c) you eat a see's chocolate valentine heart for breakfast. 

... and i still need to buy a new camera card, so i didn't take any pictures this week. UGH sorry!!! 

tanti bacci,
sorella wightman

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Cassie said...

hahaha this was so CRAY and so great