puppy dog eyes, cheese, and greenie pranks.

buongiorno cari miei!

is everyone happy? oh i hope so!! i am too. this is why:

-on thursday we had a lesson with an investigator (if i picked favorites i would pick her as my fave ... but i don't do that so ...) about the restoration. we explained all of the beautiful truths of that perfectly planned out event, then watched the movie about joseph smith (sidenote: who is ready to watch me act that baby out when i get home? because i really could do it in my sleep; we watch that at least 100 times a week, or so it feels). before we played the movie we asked her to be sensitive to the feelings she feels during it because the holy ghost speaks quietly but always comes to confirm truths. so as the movie began i prayed all enos like and begged heavenly father for her to feel the spirit and know that what we said was true. pleading! about 10 minutes into the movie she turns to me and says "i just want to thank you" with these cute little puppy dog eyes and a smile of a little girl on christmas. whoooooosh spirit. i don't really know why but that quickly became one of my favorite mission memories. and also i am counting that as heavenly father confirming to me that she was feeling something different, something soooo gooooood! the whole "becoming as a little child" thing was totally happening to her and i was so happy to witness it.

-we did a scambio with the ward missionaries again. i went with francesca. remember back to the first half of my mission (ick ... "half") when a sweet teenage girl was baptized, the first baptism i saw, the time the desire to give my whole heart and self to this sacred work so i could see that miracle of baptism over and over again was planted into my heart? that first baptism has blossomed into a beautiful, confident, bright, worthy, happy, preparing sister missionary, francesca. and oh! i love her. she came with me to visit a contact in a city outside of taranto. the plan was to have her bear her testimony on faith at the end of the lesson. instead she took the lead and ran that lesson. haha it was a beautiful thing! she really has grown into something so powerful. AH! the atonement is a cray thing; a miracle if you will.

-i got chastised by the anziani for loving paranormal activity ... but they are just little babies who aren't as brave and me and my dad ...

-saturday i was struck with a happy curse again. remember last wednesday when i was SO happy? it happened again that day. i literally jumped out of bed and was so happy! that happens to me a lot here on the mish. anyway i was just boppin around taranto talking to every single person who came in my sight. ooo it felt so good! 

-we ate with the bonvissuto family. i let my salt lake love just ooze out of my mouth and i converted them to my city. and because i felt bad that i don't know anything about chicago for giada, i showed her how to have a chicago accent. italians doing a chicago accent ... good times.

-we also ate the best cheese with these delicious marmalades. heaven.

-we visited my fave artist girl with her english professor husband. they only further convinced me to love them with there comments about yoga and eating good food and watching good movies.

-on monday we had lunch with a man in the ward that own a delicious pizzeria and who is involved in our giant joke on the greenie. we have got the entire ward to play this joke on anziano sejko (said "greenie"). the joke continued during our lunch with him. it was classic. poor anziano sejko. he is so motivated to baptize a man that was baptized 30 years ago ...

-we found another GEM! she is a stylish little piece of heaven (that would also be considered a favorite if i did that kind of stuff ... but i don't so ...). she is THEE most prepared person i have ever met. the most. expect some baptism news soon. 

... and that my loves, is why i am SO happy to be a missionary for la chiesa di gesù cristo dei santi degli ultimi giorni. i know that the church was restored in its fullness (ie with revelation, prophets, miracles, authority, happiness, purpose) by god and jesus christ and through a prepared young prophet. what they had to say must have been important ... how often does god and jesus christ come to personally respond to a question? never. their response is important for us all. the church of jesus christ has been restored. we have a living prophet that leads and guides us according to the council he receives directly from god, just like moses did, and abraham and noah and every other prophet did in their time, president monson does it today for us. i know that the book of mormon is the word of god, our own personal handbook so that we can find lasting joy in this life and return to our heavenly father eternally. i know that we talk to god through prayer and he talks to us through the book of mormon and his servants. i am honored to serve him, to share his gospel with people who desperately need it.

and how great is it that i get to do it in the best mission and the most beautiful language? so great! 

con tanto amore e gratitudine a voi,
sorella wightman

pictures!! from my smed because i still don't have a stinking card!

1. me, giada, smed, and gaia being besties.

2. smed and i squished in a trulli in alberobello last week. 

3. the cutest gelateria sign i ever did see.


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