chocolate covered pears and bermuda triangles.

this week ...

-we "scambi"ed. meaning we traded companions for a day. the sisters in bari came to taranto and we worked worked worked. the scambi miracle: ALESSANDRA fasted! woo wee!! i was with sorella fuller (went to byu, from st george, loves kanye west and flight of the concords, was described by smed as a granola), who was fasting, when we visited alessandra. she is the queen of having us try different little treats, in fact i think she has started making special trips around town just to buy things for us to try. this time it was dried pears dipped in chocolate. delish. fuller refused (fasting) and alessandra (who doesn't take no for an answer, like a true italian woman) needed to know why. we taught her about the law of fasting and she said she wanted to try. so she wrote down a few questions in this really great notebook that she bought in hong kong, said a prayer, and began her fast. when she finished, the next day, she called to tell us that she has never felt so close to god in her life. it's a scambi miracle!!

-i will always love sorella fuller for reminding me of a phrase that i have literally been racking my brain for for 2 transfers. BERMUDA TRIANGLE! there is one in taranto. EVERY single time we are in that area i get lost. it is way weird. i can't explain it. now just imagine how frustrated i was while i was there, lost, and completely incapable of remember that word. fuller = life saver.

-i got sick.

-chiara got baptized! it was as beautiful as taking a step towards eternal life always is. 

-friday was "festa delle donne" (womens day). it is this great holiday where you give these adorable little mimosa flowers to women and tell them that they are important and loved. the anziani appropriately celebrated. then we destroyed their investigator's kitchen and helped them install a new one. great way to celebrate womanhood, no? 

festa delle donne mimosa

-smed and i do whatever we can to enjoy planning. last week, it was chips and salsa (my FAVE thing of all time) that we miraculously found at a random grocery store that has an american isle (peanut butter, ranch dressing, popcorn, SALSA! TORTILLA CHIPS!!). this week it was homemade pizza made by hand, our hands, at our local pizzera owned by the great and wonderful stefano casti. 

paige the pizza maker with stefano casti

-we found a park that looks like you are in utah. weird weird weird. we took a stroll, then escaped back to our beautiful italia! 

-we came to the church to watch the ces devotional by bednar (<3 ) but instead we watched some random documentary about the resurrection. and i was in love! is was called messiah: behold the lamb of god. check it out because it will blow your mind with spiritual goodness.

-i made my friends and family the most popular people on facebook and instagram this week. seriously the whole ward of taranto added my sister and ben ... they said it was because he looked the most italian, plus i figured he would think it was cool to have the best most beautiful wonderful people in all of taranto if not the world, be his fb friend.

-laura, aka the most prepared investigator i have ever had, accepted a baptismal date!! woo!! pray pray pray so so so much much much for her!!

smed me and laura (the progressing prepared queen of taranto)

-this morning we went to the cemetery to sing at a grave dedication. we witnessed the dressing of the body and it was WAY cool. interesting ... since they do it in the middle of all the action ... but still. 

-sorry this is really short, but my lunch is getting cold. 

LOOOOOVE to all so much!!

ps. transfers are next week. AH!

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