best friends and electrical parades.

ciao carissimi miei!

we just got back from zone conference so i am in that really happy zone conference high kind of mood. i just have the greatest mission on the planet and the very greatest mission presidents (kelly and his wife ... she is considered the second president in my mind). we actually had to say goodbye to them yesterday and i was really really really sad. but then they invited me over to their house and to be their best friend (or at least that is how i understood it) when i get home so that will be good. ***side note i am listening to main street electrical parade (you know, the disneyland song) right now and i can't remember the last time smiling this big--probably when i went to disneyland last time***

me and my best friend.

me and my best friend and my other best friend.

 me and my best friends from siracusa.

last week we ...
-explained to our sweet sweet steven the gospel of jesus christ. and he said something that i have wanted to know too "why is it so hard to be so good?" i love that steven. he truly defines good desires. i have not seen very many people like him. he is like king lamoni--he will give away all he is to know christ. and i love it!
-pulled a fast one on one of our investigators, gabriele (that i call gabe to his face because it makes me think of my favorite gabe--the one who calls me grandma and dances to west side story with me) who is all into space doctrine. we invited my favorite member with the roundest glasses ever and wisest looking beard. and they discussed the fall and we listened. it was GREAT! because his needs were met in a way that we haven't been able to meet them.
-talked about sorella taylor's fairy tale life and dad because it was their day on friday.
-attended a really great visiting teaching training. they did a really great job ... especially when they had us participate in some skit. it was silly!
-became best friends with the parents of the bishop. seriously i love them.
-we had more investigators at church and more lessons in the presence of a member than i have ever had. woot!
-went to catania for zone conference and also scambi (exchanges). man do i love catania. and i also love sorella ansted. you would too. she is a hoot. we planned a little training for zone conf then went out and worked! we gave this lady a women's pep talk (after she told us that it is wrong for women to stand and speak at the pulpit ... huh?) then we needed to pick up somethings from the senior couple who work on the american base. they fed us american food. yeah!
-zone conference was splendid! man i love zone conference. i would tell you more but my time is almost up. (blame mom and courtney ... but don't because they are so great that sometimes they are worth their own little email session so i do that sometimes ... also blame this music that is playing in siracusa--where we are right now for scambio--that sounds like disneyland).

okay loves.
gotta run.
life is SO good!! but only because we are choosing to do so!!
will you choose to be happy, because it is the only way to be!!

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