rome, italy (actually a little bit north).

paige just got transferred to her third area ... rome 5 (or the rome 5th branch). her area is about 30 minutes north of the city.

facts about rome:
- rome is the capital of italy
- rome is italy's largest and most populated city and the 5th most populated in europe (3.8 million people live in the metropolitan area)
- it's history spans more than two and half thousand years
- the ancient legend is that rome was founded by twin brothers remus and romulus. "abandoned at birth, they were raised by a she-wolf. later, the two decided to found a city, but romulus kills his brother in a fit of anger and names the city rome, after himself."*
- the national museum of pasta is located in rome, fitting seeing that italians eat about 60 pounds of pasta per year**

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Ginger said...

Hi Sister Wightman! I just saw your comment on my daughter's blog. Sorella Wiltbank is my daughter. I would love to visit with you! My email is gingerblog at frontier dot com.

I'm so excited you found her blog! She didn't even tell us where she was going and I've been hoping her companion's mom would seek us out! So I would love to visit with you and get more details!

Thanks again!
Ginger Wiltbank