president and sister waddoups.

as you read in paige's latest letter, she got a new mission president!


president michael g. waddoups

and sister anna kay n. waddoups

michael grant waddoups (64) and anna kay nield waddoups have two children and are from the west jordan utah westland stake. brother waddoups serves as a primary teacher and ward missionary and is a former counselor in a stake presidency, high councilor, bishop, temple preparation and marriard relations teacher and missionary in the italy mission. he is formerly the president of the utah state senate. born in idaho falls, idaho, to grant england waddoups and mary keith blattner johnson. 

sister waddoups serves as a primary teacher and is a former temple ordinance worker, stake yound women president, ward primary president, ward young women president and relief society president. she was born in afton, wyoming to willard earl and lorna hurd neild. 


we're keeping it all in the family here; president waddoups has served as a member of the utah state senate, representing the state's 6th district, which includes the ville (taylorsville that is ...)! he is a utah politician and guess what other utah politician is a new mission president? peter cooke is the new president of the washington dc north mission! imagine that.

wishing a 
happy and successful 
service to the waddoups!

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