what a bust. sorry in advance ...

me, teaching my companions the art of mean-muggin'.

i am so angry!!! i just wrote the greatest email ever and accidentally clicked that stupid garbage can which deleted my ENTIRE EMAIL and now i am out of time. and it was SO FUNNY AND GREAT!!!! sorry all.

quick update: 
- i am miraculously back to normal. seriously my arm is actually more attractive now! it is a miracle!
- magged has a baptismal date and is so great!
- we went on scambi with a member. i went to a birthday party and we met 2 really great families.

the birthday party i went to.

- i was so happy and giddy 2 minutes ago; and now i am so sad that my stupid email got deleted ... just so mad!! but all is well. sorry there isn't much because i have 2 minutes left. read wiltbank's blog. she is a good updater.

thank you for all the love and emails and goodness. i am happy and healthy and we are back to work ... what the heck is happening to this stupid computer!!! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!


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