africans and italians.

hey guys hey.

-we had a scambio this week with some sisters serving in pescara. i went with sorella patterson. she is from texas. she is sorella misturas baby! so it was good times worshipping mistura together. what a gem. sorella patterson was in love with our little roma 5. also sorella spicq (the frenchie queen of the mission ... seriously she is probably the best missionary in the mission, so it took some humbling to get myself to let sorella wiltbank be with her for a day. haha!) came. << man i am going to rock at being an english major again one day. yike! and like always we saw some scambio miracles. mainly alessandro and denin. more on their glory in a flash.

-we saw baldo. had a rockin' lesson with him. like so spiritually nourishing for all of us. it was just proof to me that heavenly father loves him so much that he will send the strongest spirit so that he can't deny it. he even said a kneeling prayer with us at the end and his wife later told us that missionaries have been trying for years to get him to do that and he always says no. it was a special moment. his family keeps saying how he is such a sortie for the sorelle. pray pray pray!! such a special moment for him! and us. it is always a pleasure to work with these "eternal investigators." to add our link in the chain. 

-remember ricardo? he is from peru and is a less active? well he has just been shining brighter every single day. he came to church on sunday and can't stop talking about it still. so we meet in this hotel. let's just say it is no marriott (holler). kind of a bad location and maybe it smells like your worst nightmare of smoke. but to ricardo it's heaven. he told us over and over again how cute the hotel was and how fun it was to go to church in such a fancy hotel. hey! cool! yeah! the spirit can do wonders huh?

-sorella wiltbank told me that she never really understood my love for africans until this week. we found this beautiful nigerian lady at the train station one day. she told us to come visit her. she was never home. instead we found her son who ... i am not even exaggerating right now ... shines. he is alessandro. and he is the happiest little half african half italian boy i ever did see. he hangs out with an iffy crowd that we seem to bump into more than anyone else and he always yells out to us, no matter how far away we are "SORELLE CIAO!!!" cutie. so we have been teaching him and his brother denin. i have never seen anyone respond so perfectly to the restoration as these two guys. it is a beautiful thing to watch people hear and accept such a great story like the restoration.

-SUNDAY we heard the GREATEST news!! but first let's flash back to one of president kelly's final zone conferences when he made the bold prediction that there would be twice as many stakes in italy by the time the temple opened. so you can imagine how happy and excited we all were (and we still are) when it was announced that they will be creating a new stake in rome, that will include napoli and sardegna. the work! it is hastening!! elder ballard is coming to divide the stake on september 15th and there is a good amount of excitement and joy around these parts! 

-we had a fhe with a family that currently has two missionaries out. the mom is having a hard time. in relief society, when asked to respond to how the priesthood has blessed her family, she LOST it. i am sure it is especially hard that one of her sons was called to serve in our mission. haha! what a call. good thing sicily is far and might as well be another country. so we prepared a thought about family prayer and the power that comes with it. and BAM! they love us. so we all spent a little time remembering and loving and thanking heavenly father for our families, no matter where they are. 

-i had a dream that i bumped into dad on the train. and tried to share the gospel with him as a joke but then it turned out that he forgot who i was and the joke wasn't funny anymore. 

-romans 1:15-16; should've been my plaque scripture, no?

-transfer calls are saturday. what will happen? i don't know. but i am nervous to leave, as always. and i am nervous to lose my wiltbank. but she is ready to fly the coop. is that a saying? but you get it right? yeah. change is still hard. but SO good because it forces you to grow and change and BECOME! yeah!

-we saw the pietà today. most beautiful thing i have seen in rome. loved it. also the tomb of peter. wha? yeah. best mission in the world. 

-romans 5:1-5; also a goodie.

-i started studying the bible in italian. gooooood times.

sorella wightman

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