the heat has hit and mamma gigante saves the day again.

i won the tan line contest. watches ... pshhh.

whoa whoa it is hot hot hot. like really. it is to the point that people are just either silent or angry or cry. really. we have witnessed people just start crying because it is so hot. and maybe sorella wiltbank and i have been among the odd side effects of extreme heat and humidity. haha! but all is well in zion.

last week we went to the vatican! we didn't see nor baptize the pope. maybe next week. we did however see some members that asked me if i know taylor mcphee. they were her cool college friends. small world. we also saw some the greatest things ever ... mainly the sistine chapel. we decided to pay an extra 7£ to have a personal radio tour so we knew what we were looking at. and if anyone knows me, i love me some good facts. LIKE: did you know that the sistine chapel was built to be the same dimensions as solomon's temple? cool, right? and how would i have been able to tell you such a great tidbit of fun if i didn't have my personal radio-guided tour. my other favorite part of the vatican museum was the map room. i'll send pictures. 

il vaticano.

we have been trying to find ways to use our time in the most effective way possible. we want to find more service opportunities so we have been asking around and everyone tells us to talk to the town priest. while he was out of town last week we met all the nuns and they LOVE LOVE LOVE us. the priest, not so much. but he did tell us that he believes we were given the gift of tongues. cool.

we got stuck in the middle of nowhere, late at night this week. i was doing my best to keep my cool in front of wiltbank but inside i was losing it. BUT like always, a sweet member (mamma gigante is her name, well actually her name is annamaria but i like this other name better) saved us. all i had to do was call. she answered saying "where are you?" that's it. i said "we are at the train station in poggio mirteto." i tried to explain why and what happened and tried to apologize for calling so late and asking a big favor ... but was interrupted with a "i will be there in ten minutes ... don't talk to anyone!" then she hung up. then dun dun dun dun (meant to be sung in the superman saves the day sound not the scary surprise one) mamma gigante saved the day--apologizing the whole way home for not bringing us anything to eat. haha! typical.

we visited our less active spanish speaking friend again and taught him the restoration. but it ended up turning into another really powerful lesson that he taught us instead. he loves joseph smith. it is so refreshing to hear people bear such sincere testimony of the truth being restored. we gave him the restoration dvd to watch and when we came back for our next appointment he said that he not only watched it, but he had watched in everyday since and it is his new favorite movie. haha! what a guy! now just imagine how he acted when we popped in the president monson dvd. smith and monson's number one fan.

saturday night, we started our fast. and satan was reaaaaally on his a game after that. on the way to an appointment we walked through this park that had been shut down for some local food festival. fresh fruit and veggies, local favorites, olives, sicilian nuts and candies. get out of town. THEN on the way home, we must have looked like death because our neighbors were all worried. "you look starved! are you okay? we are cooking for you right now" then ran to start up the bbq. satan is evil. we stayed strong though.

sunday was good times as always. the senior couple in our ward asked us to help them with this project to help unite the branch as a whole and the individual families. they have us visit the members and have them read the family proclamation and answer questions about the importance of families while we record it. they will then make a dvd for us to use for proselyting and save it as a history of the rome 5 branch. so we have been loving that this week. we had a new convert from new guinea do it with us on sunday. his answers were so great. man i love that kid. he is getting ready to serve a mission. pray he gets called to tville.

the greatest thing that happened this week is an old man offered to give us his dead wife's clothes. haha! who could say no to that! but his kids decided they aren't ready to get rid of them so we left them all. bummer.

the second best thing that happened this week was while we were knocking on doors we rang a doorbell of a house that looked like they were out of town or something, all closed and dark. as we walked away we noticed that their cat was dead in a flower pot. uhhh ....... what is the procedure here? sorella wiltbank (the biggest animal hater of the whole earth) loved every second of it.

the dead cat. sad day miss paige! ... unless you are sorella wiltbank.

the third best thing that happened this week was that i found "teaching, no greater call" and i am OBSESSED! everyone needs to read that baby. it is a gem.

the fourth best thing that happened this week was that our investigator amed is progressing beautifully and also said "have you guys ever heard of a guy named steven tyler?" me "yeah. does he have a really big mouth?" amed "yeah, i met him at work today. i was going to erase the picture i took with him but i figured i would ask you guys if he is famous first. now that i know i will put it on facebook." so yeah steven tyler went to the basilica di san pietro on sunday.

the fifth (but actually the greatest greatest greatest thing) best thing that happened this week was that we got to be used as instruments in the hands of the lord this week for one specific and loved and important daughter of god. we happened to stop by just as she was reading the book of mormon and was doubting. we came. she realized that it was a miracle, and therefore proof of god's love for her. and is just a little gem.

and for your spiritual enlightenment i leave with you d&c 64:33-34.

vi voglio tanto bene
un baccione

sorella wightman

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