halloween juice and regular fish.

this cat does this every single morning on our patio. WHAT IS HE LOOKING AT?! driving me cray.


-mamma gigante and alessandra (our posse ... is that right?) took us to this secret outlet mall, hidden between the hills in a far off land so that i could buy some boots. mainly they wanted us to go there with them so they could buy us burger king. you'd just giggle yourselves silly by how much italians love to bring americans to american fast food restaurants. sadly when we got there we learned that the bk turned into "burger day" but was basically the same thing.

1burger day sells fish sandwiches with "regular fish" haha good times huh mom?

-i got a little hung up on the fact that i couldn't remember the name of my favorite youtube shell with shoes on. sorella jackson thought i made the whole thing up. but then it came to me, in the middle of the night. marcel! mission amnesia ...

-we taught baldo the lesson about how the gospel blesses families and i was feeling some serious wightman pride and gratitude that whole day. holler!
-i bought some great boots. shopping with italian women is a task, i will tell you that. pray that you will have the chance someday ... or don't because it is a process.

me in my new boots by a great gate.

-we decided to visit all of the investigators in our city, passo corese; and have a quick message at the door. that way they could feel the spirit in the morning and have it with them, to reflect and enjoy, all day long. it was really a great way to start the morning. man we have some gems in this city.
-remember in elementary school when we would do "kwl" before starting to read something? you would write what you already knew, what you wanted to learn, and then what you did learn. well i have been applying this baby all week in my studies and all i can say is that elementary school just knows where it's at. little did they know that the skills learned in elementary school would be some great mission prep. try it.
-we did some splits with some young women in the branch. we just gave them a nice evening full of knocking on doors and being yelled at. haha! poor things. tough crowd. but it turned out really great because they were able to see first hand that missionary work is ideal when done with members and with their friends and loved ones. i discussed with my 2 hour companion how the missionaries will be led to the prepared in one way or another, but when they can be led to these people through people that love them and can support them, the work goes better and is easier for everyone. the prepared will be found either way ... but it is best done without us having to find them alone. so that was a cool learning experience for us all. and they are STILL wanting to go out with us again, this time to visit friends and neighbors. victory!

-there is this sweet family in our branch that is trying to go to the temple and be sealed. we have been working with them for a while and they have just had their fair share of obstacles thrown in their path. illness, problems with their kids, word of wisdom issues, the dad lost his job. most recently, the dad got hired! but for a job in london. so he left the family in italy for a year to get some work in england. so it has been pretty difficult for the wife. we are going over to support the wife and prepare their youngest for his baptism. with them, i am learning more and more that the lord knows us all so well. he knows what we can handle and he knows how we can best become like him. the lord is aware of this family. so he must be aware of mine too!

-we had a scambio with the sisters in the rome 2 ward because i needed to attend a leadership meeting in rome with one of the sisters. oh man was it good times. i got to see some sisters that i never thought i would see before i left so that was a huge tender mercy. not to mention that we reunited over homemade cafe rio italian style salads at the mission home! i had mentioned a while back to sorella waddoups that i have never seen the upstairs in the villa (the mission home) since the anziani always sleep up there. so they announced that, thanks to the request of a "dying" sister, the sorelle got to sleep upstairs. it is a palace up there. man. you guys should see this place. did i ever tell you that the villa used to be mussolini's home? WHA? way cool.

mission leaders (via sister waddoups).

-we had the conference. they had the mission doctor come and basically qualify us all as doctors. haha! he shared common missionary health problems and simple solutions so that we can help the missionaries in our zone feel great. it was one of the coolest things ever. i could like open a practice now. watch out world.
-after the conference and lots of pictures and lots of goodbyes to some of the greatest people i have ever met and also had the opportunity to serve with ... we returned to our cities. sorella jackson is such a baller. she just handled it all so well. she looked like a new person when i returned. just full of confidence and light! she did so good that while we were out and about doing some street contacting and bumped into a traveling cotton candy booth. i bought her some zucchero filato, then we bumped into the anziani with their silliest investigator of all time.

this is sorella ansted. i love her. and not just because she is serving in taranto right now and gives me the updates and says things like everyone in taranto still remember me and love me. what a sweetie pie.

-we had district meeting and weekly planning. boring. for you. bundles of fun for me.

-church was great. especially when they mixed up which anziano was speaking so one of them had to make something up on the spot and the other, with a totally great and prepared talk just sat in the crowd and laughed.
-the branch is just in love with us missionares lately. they really click with all of us. it is a good time to be us.
-we had correlation with our newly called branch mission leader. they prepared the most delicious lasagna of all time and presented us with "succo di halloween" (halloween juice) .... thinking that is was a big american festive treat like eggnog or peeps or something. it was pumpkin juice, i think.

today we are going to make chili because i miss it and i can't handle reading about it my emails any longer. the problem is that i am without the recipe. so imma make it up. pray i don't poison my companion.

love to you all from the happiest place on earth.

sorella wightman

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