express summer.

about a month ago we decided to hurry up and have all our regular summer activities in four weeks, so that paige wouldn't miss out. we've called this "express summer". and since its been in full swing for a few weeks already, let me update you:

- for fhe last week we traveled to france with the woods, all through food {yumyumyum} and pictures {prettyprettypretty}.

- the next night was to italy with stevenannie, this time by watching roman holiday while eating chocolate almond torte and sipping on italian sodas.

- then we took a trip to the salt lake temple. it was paige's first time going through that temple. we celebrated afterwards by eating at one of our favorite salt lake eateries, red rock.

- thursday we had our bi-annual cousin dinner with perky, libby, chelsey, adam, nicholas, and jake {there in spirit}. 

- we kicked off the weekend by seeing prometheus

- visited the first farmer's market of the season on saturday.

- and yesterday we went swimming in grandma's pool.

it's been blissful, but there's lots more to do. we still need to go on a hike, bike to the jordan river temple, have a cook out in the canyons, sleep in the back yard, and swim more {taylorsville pool anyone?}

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