fare thee well.

sunday was the big event, sorella wightman's farewell talk in church/party.

she did a marvelous job!

thanks to all who came to wish her good luck. and for everyone who helped.

the food!

the cupcakes! thanks annie!

the woman of the hour.

sorella's high school gang {thad, "baby" shane, chad, matt, trevor, and justin}

{oh and can you spot cindy in the background?}

to document my matchmaking skills: "jadyn you're three years old; malia you're three years old, BE FRIENDS!" and then they were.

the hamiltons.

natalie and keely.

our oldest friends {and for the longest}, the booths.

look how beautiful that katie is.

the sumsions.

the woods.

more woods.

the ropers.

the sandbergs. we couldn't have done it with out these faces.

i don't know how mark got to eat with that hat on ...

cradle to the grave: libby and paige.

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