give st george my love.

ciao amici!
-we discovered the sacred grove of the mtc. ironically it is surrounded by tractors and
port-a-potties due to all the construction going on around here. still, it is a gem and
maybe i'll tell you where it is hidden someday if you happen to find yourself in the mtc.
-we also discovered the beauty of the sack lunch. for those of you that didn't come to this
mtc, have yet to serve a mission, or have forgotten, the provo mtc tray return room is the
worst place on the planet. it smells like death and sadly kind of looks like it too. beus and
i practice holding our breath throughout the day in preparation for the time that we have
to go in there. BUT if you get a sack lunch you avoid it altogether and an added bonus
is that you can look like you just rolled out of bed when you go there. oh the tender
-we had a substitute teacher named brother hatch and he is EXACTLY like steven
hamilton. EXACTLY. so obviously i loved him but at the same time was a little creeped
out. how can he channel my cousin so well. what is going on here?
-we had another substitute this day, not like steven, sadly, but a lot like a future ga or
something. he is the best. bolloch is the name, blowing minds is his game. he toured
the bible video set and let us in on some little nuggets of fun. 1) the actor that plays
christ is a red head from new york city. SUPRISE! 2) they decided to speak with a
shakespearean accent because it is the most well known and most easily understood
english accent. SUPRISE!
-we went to a health and wellness class. it's for the new sisters that come each week
but we just learned about it so we went. they opened the meeting with "what has been
hard to adjust to here at the mtc?" the fist sister stood up, received her mic, and said "i
miss my......" starts BAWLING then yells "I MISS MY MOM!" haha! it took all that i am to
not laugh at her, not because she was being silly, but because we all know EXACTLY
how she feels. what were these people running the meeting expecting?! poor girl. i miss
my mom too, but i am glad to say that i am past the point of bawling every time i say her
name. i guess others aren't so lucky yet.
-jenny oaks baker was the speaker at sunday night's devotional. she played some songs
on her violin (she is like some musical genius, if you are like me and didn't know that).
she brought her kids, ages 4-11, and they all played their instruments and let's just say
the talent didn't stop with their mom. her 4 year old son was just rocking the classical
guitar like a madman. it was so, so good.
-we set a goal to stop speaking english starting this day and oh boy was that interesting.
i never knew we could be so creative until we were stuck having to express ourselves in
italian, using our limited vocabulary. jokes are funnier in italian. i promise you that.
-we also started playing a game called "il nativo" or "the native." the rules are: everyone
acts like an Italian native for three days, speaking, eating, acting, and body language.
all things italian. one person is picked secretly as the native and tries to convince the other players that they are the native...i am doing a terrible job at explaining it but i
can't express the stress that this timed email time gives me. anyway i was the native
this week and it was hilarious. beus knew from the get-go because i refused to speak
english. it has really improved our italian and i am excited to start round 2 later today! mi
piace il nativo.
-we were able to witness a blessing for one of the sisters by our zone leaders this day
and it was one of the most spiritual blessings i have ever heard and my testimony for
the priesthood grew three times its size. what a powerful gift from god that these worthy
young men have! so cool.
-beus taught us some tips on how to relax after a tough class. it basically looks like you
have died, then everyone falls asleep until our teacher walks in and thinks that we have
died. it's really nice.
-beus and i discovered this secret gym here...i keep saying things are secret and i
bet everyone else knows about them except us...but it is fun to pretend that we have
discovered secrets so let me be. we got whooped by some guy in sandals during a core
exercise and now laughing is a burden due to our soreness. evil sandal man.
-beus and i decided to finish dinner early every night so we can sit on the benches
outside. again. simple tender mercies are what keep us going inside of this blessed
-in class, our little teacher, fratello mortenson (seriously he is tiny), was teaching and
speaking his normal italian words that none of us really understand when all of a
sudden he got the most terrified look on his face when he looked out the window. we all
looked and SPLAT a huge creator slopped across our window and we all SCREAMED!
really it was just a window washer but it was the most terrifying window washer ever. i
decided to spend the rest of the day scaring beus by acting out her scariest movie scene
from the women in black (that part with the ghost and the rocking chair). i have really
perfected my abilities. she hates it.
until next time my loves.

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