sister wightman and her companion sister katherine beus from farmington, utah.

 district 33d:  sister mancuso, sister beutler, sister wightman, sister beus,
elder christiansen, and elder andersen.

 sister beus and an MTC protester!

 sister beutler, sister wightman, elder jackson (who "gave us a little josh groban performance at dinner and is now my favorite elder) and sister pearce. 

 leaving italian missionaries.


 all italian speakers:
elders: thompson, sexton, colemere, ackersen, burr, hansen, andersen, jones, christiansen, pizza, wortham, peachey, 2 photobombers, warnock, christensen, rango, baer
sisters: heuple, lofley, beutler, wightman, beus, pearce, mancuso

 the italiani sorelle.

 we saved the best for last, sister wightman and sister beus, once again!

**fyi - we are so happy to get these pictures! paige sent her sd card home, stashed in a letter, so she didn't break the rules.**


NatalieMees said...

So so fun to see these pictures!! She looks so pretty in all of them! The last one is my favorite too!!
Natalie Mees

Debbie said...

Katie just sent me this about Paige:

We just find more and more reasons to love each other every day. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! She is THE perfect companion...she has definitely set the bar really high for the next companion, haha.

Don't know HOW in the world she is going to live without her!!! THANK YOU PAIGE's family for the pics and all the stories!!! She said that Paige is a faster typer and hilarious story teller... I agree!