i made it.

hello my loves!

i made it! i am finally here...after a REALLY long day - that i think has become like five days total that i have been awake! adrenaline is a beautiful thing. i don't have much time and i am sorry but i'll hurry and tell you about my cray day. this morning...or like three mornings ago maybe...when i woke up we cleaned and cried and worried and smiled and took pictures and ate and it was crazy. and i don't really remember it to be honest.

we were straight up celebrities in the slc airport. everyone was like clapping and taking pictures of us and shaking our hands. it was nice...but it didn't last. we tried to talk with a parisian couple on the plane. they weren't interested...yet. we had a quick layover in chicago and we were off to london. it was the greatest. seriously i am all about london, more now than before. so classy and great! the flight was nice but i didn't sleep a bit. i sat by a couple that knew everything about the lds church because they are from albequerque. they loved me, but not my message...not yet.

we were seriously zombies in every meaning of the word in london. it was so great. i would laugh about it now but i am too tired. then we split up and it was as painful as it sounds. but we were off and i can't tell you how friendly our flight was. because they were all italians. these two guys and another couple were in LOVE with us. they basically held our hands thorough the whole thing. they were so impressed that we, young americans, would want to come to italy. then (this was my favorite part of the journey) the flight attendant came up to us and explained that he isn't a member but he saw the washington dc temple and was filled with joy and love for the building. he said he feels so blessed that our church would want to bring that kind of beauty and love to his home. cutie huh?! believe everyone that tells you that italians are the friendliest people because it is so true.

i was so in love i am only a little upset that they lost my luggage! i got my big bag full of clothes but they lost everything else. the assistants went to get it because it came with the next flight from london. it was a bit of a culture shock getting here. let's just say italians are less modest that americans. it is a hoot! and SO fashionable. plus i am like everyone else who learns a language for their mission; i wondered what language they taught me in the mtc. but i have faith in my lord that he will do his part as long as i do mine. we drove past the temple site and it is BEAUTIFUL! rumor has it the temple is scheduled to open spring 2014. bummer for me but YAY for itay!! we did some orientation then met sister kelly. she is a gem.

okay for the part you are most waiting for: my "birthplace" is TARANTO with Sorella Taylor. she is, from what the others are saying, super nice, from slc, and really enthusiastic. i don't know much about the area besides they have a strong ysa ward and it is in the arch of the boot, coastal city. tomorrow we will be traveling all day again but this time by bus. fyi anziani are going to: foggia (jones), palermo (pizza), and gela (wortham). two other sisters arrived with us, one from northern italy and the other was supposed to go 6 weeks ago but got reassigned to mesa to wait for her visa. also an elder that went home for surgery came with us.

okay i gotta go but just know that i am happy, more tired than ever before in my life, nervous out of my mind, but excited to get to know my new home! love you all!!

sorella wightman.

p.s. expect pictures from sister kelly asap!
forgot to tell you my address: 
via cesare battisti, 269
(74121) taranto, italy

sister kelly says you can send stuff to that address without firm confirmation that i will get it. or send to the mission home but i would get it like 5 weeks later. letters should be fine to mail to my taranto address.

sorry i didn't call. there wasn't much time. my bag is still lost but hopefully it will work out. i miss you. i hope wicked was wicked. pray HARD for me to be positive, hard working, patient and excited. i need help. but i am happy. love you all.

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NatalieMees said...

So happy she is there safe!! She sounds great. Truly miss her!