taranto, italy.


facts about taranto*:
- taranto is the home of the nasty-looking but usually non-fatal spider, the tarantula.
- taranto was founded in 708bc by spartan immigrants.
- the modern city has been built over the ancient greek necropolis.
- taranto is named after the mythical hero taras, shown in the coat of arms riding a dolphin.
- taranto is the third-largest continental city of southern italy with a population of 200,000.
- it is also called "the city of the two seas".
- taranto faces the ionian sea and is 50 feet above sea level.
- taranto is the most polluted city in italy and western europe.
- the argonese castle sits along the "little sea" and was built in the 15th century. along with the castle, taranto features several greek temple ruins, some streaching as far back as the 6th century bc.

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