a phone call from our favorite missionary.

actually it was a skype call. even better!

sunday at 10:30am, our favorite sister missionary paid us a skype visit! she called from the church computer and looked a lot like a pilot with her headset and microphone on. here are some of our favorite moments:

- the time when she said "cassie is either doing something with a 'T' or going on a mission." that thing "with a 'T'" is going to thailand. she's silly.
- when we asked what kind of exercise she does in the morning, she said that she was practicing doing headstands, but had a nightmare that she fell and broke her neck. i thought the "nightmare" was that she had to come home from her mission (much like the nightmares i had while i was serving) ... but no, she just had to do missionary work in a wheelchair. and apparently, in the hilly ragusa, that would be difficult. she's dedicated!
- she gave us each (mom, dad, and courtney) a scripture to read that she had studied out and then come up with a one sentence lesson we should take from it. she's thoughtful.

we asked her to share a message with the masses, all her fans. so here's what she had to say:

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