skinny fats and mystery men.

buon giorno cari miei!!

thiiiiiiiiis week in sicilia ...
- we found ourselves in an odd conversations about gun use in america with an english course student. the things these italians sillies hear about america ... eek.
- there is this man who owns a cafe near our house named gianni. he loves us. he told us one day that when he sees us he feels peace and warmth. aw! aw! awwww! then he gave us this quote: chi combatte può
perdere ma chi non lo fà ha già perso.
he had me write it in my planner then signed his name. he he! i love these little gems that i keep tucked away in my simple little planner.
- do you remember that story about the day we wanted to give away a ldm (libro di mormon) and were just about ready to give up when a guy in a classy silk scarf stopped US and asked US for a copy? yeah carmello, that is the one. then also remember that we forgot to write down his house number so we decided to go to his street and ask around for carmello? remember how we didn't find him but others miracles instead? well aslo remember that he never answers his phone? well he still doesn't. so one day this week his name popped into my head so i gave him a call. no response. "odd," i said. a few hours later he called
US! he said "hey did you guys forget about me? i have been waiting for you to come read the book of mormon with me. i have all kinds of questions!!" so we set up a time to come find him. never to be found.
sorella haynie put it best "who is this mystery man and when will i ever get to meet him?!" haha! soon my sweet sweet haynie, soon.
- in our ward is this great man named fratello magrograssi (which translated means skinny fats haha i think that is why i like him so much. great names really speak to me) who is a singer. sorella haynie said it best again (she is great with words) "fratello magrograssi is the italian that americans imagine with an accordian and singing on the streets." so true. his voice is so ... italian opera that would sing about love and the moon and pizza and stuff like that. you know ... italian! so we went with him and some of the ward to sing at a
rest home for mother's day. it was mega awk since we came at the same time as the catholic missionaries who came to do communion. so we witnessed that. interesting. then we starting singing. well really we sang and fllo magrograssi SANG his heart away. we were singing hymns, something that haynz and i are
comfortable with. then they whipped out some old italian classics. youtube rosse rose and mamma and imagine two american girls trying to sing along with some ex-italian opera man in front of silent italian grannies. yeah, gooooood times!! haha!
- we visited a lady in the ward that is the only member in her family, had to wait until she didnt need permission, was like the thrid member in ragusa, was baptized in a river (cool), went on a mission, taught
herself english, watched her sister die, never married, and has become one of my new faves. what a life, huh? we talked about the plan of salvation and she had some of the greatest insights ever heard. it was such a testimony to me that god prepares us for what lies ahead. i can just imagine our little exit interview with heavenly father. he tells us that we are going to struggle but reminds us of all the talents he will bless us with to overcome them as long as we obey him. at that point it seems so simple. them we come to earth and can't even remember what it feels like to have total complete absolute lasting peace. but we get reminders. and we grow and develop and become exactly what heavenly father needs us to be. what a gift it is to be a daughter of god and what a greater gift it is to know it!!
- it is also a gift, a true and utter delight to be a daughter of mark and lisa wightman, and the sister of courtney, that crazy cray girl that i love more than anything. they were looking fly on mothers day. good ol skype.
- today we are off to scicli (she-clee) with a packed lunch and a desire to explore. i have the best mission on the planet.

happy mother's day to all of my mothers (my real one, my ones that are also called my aunts, my big sister, my dad--wait what? he is really a great mom when he needs to be, my mission mom (sorella kelly), and my
trainer ... that sorella taylor will always be remembered as one of my favorite moms, my friends who are also moms, and everyone else who has babied me or loved me or comforted me in anyway shape of form ... but
mostly to my real mom because she is the best like you already know)!!! my prayers are always with you.

vi voglio un mondo di bene!!!
tanti baci,
sorella wightman

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I looked up the translations of those two songs: excellent!


Love this Sorella!