6 weeks!!!

today marks the first day of paige's final transfer.

yes. and because of this, we will be celebrating from here on out. and we shall call it the returned missionary training center, to help paige ease back into the lone and dreary world with style! and grace.

today we'll focus on what MEDIA paige has missed out on. if you know paige, you know she's no stranger to american pop culture. but since being away for 18 months, she'll feel like a lost little kitten in this snapchatting, vineing, gangnam stylein' world we live in. never fear paige, we're here for the catch up:

1. she missed gangnam style.
2. she missed the breaking bad finale* and the explosion of the walking dead.
3. she missed a whole lotta movies and a whole lotta music.
4. she missed the london 2012 summer olympics.
5. she missed the royal baby!
6. she missed the announcement of star wars episode 7.
7. guys, she missed the election (that fun time).
8. i'm pretty sure she missed downton abbey.
9. she missed the j-law craze.
10. she missed the birth of north west.
11. she missed the fall of miley cyrus and amanda bynes.
12. she missed the harlem shake.
13. she missed the creation and population of vine.
14. she doesn't know what snapchat is (apparently).
15. she hasn't seen the mindy project.
16. she missed a couple apple updates.
17. she missed the cronut.
18. she missed "what does the fox say"**.
19. she missed sharknado.
20. she missed snoop dogg becoming snoop LION.

anything i'm missing?

*no spoilers!
**why this is so popular, i'll never know.

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