nightmares and testimonies.

--lunch time business. not a day goes by without this here salad. dream life.

weird to pday on monday. no more peev (pday eve ... when we usually celebrate by getting a pizza ... pizza peev). but church is a better way to celebrate anyway. haha!

oooookay. i feel like i don't have much to write. since i feel like i just wrote. but really that was almost kinda a week ago kinda sorta.

this week---
-we focused hard on member referrals this week, because i haven't ever gotten any in rome 5, and we were just shocked by the outcome. we planned out our week so that we would go to the cities that more than one member lived in, for finding. we knocked on all of the member's doors in each city, asked to share a quick thought, a prayer, then we asked for referrals. we had a cool experience with sorella calabrese. she was home and let us come up, mostly because i needed to go to the bathroom ... we visited for a minute, shared a thought, and asked for a referral. she said that she couldn't think of anyone so we invited her to fast and pray for someone then we closed with a prayer. as i finished the prayer, she said that a name ofa friend popped into her head. she lived near by and lost her husband a few years ago. it was just a testimony to me of the power of prayer, offered by missionaries, in the home of a member, pleading with the lord to guide us TOGETHER to find those that he is preparing. the answer came immediately! for the members that weren't home we wrote a quick note with a spiritual thought, gratitude for what they do for us, and asked them to think about those they know that need our message then we dropped them in the mailbox. we had calls for members thanking us and giving us referrals right there over the phone! it was awesome!

- we started english course! my fave thing. we now have two classes. the first class had three students, one of them being our bff/pizza maker named salvatore. we swung by his pizza place before the class and invited him. we do things like this all of the time and only one person in my whole mission just dropped everything right there and came. well, thanks to salvatore, make that 2 people. he was sweeping, then just dropped the broom, told the others that he was going to learn english with us, and left. he told us that we had a terrible stroke like 8 years ago and we in a coma for 4 YEARS! he had to learn how to do everything again: talk, walk, eat, everything. he is the nicest guy ever and says he likes being with us because we speak italian like him ha! anyway he came and was a crack up. man i don't tell you guys enough about him! we see this guy like daily and he is a hoot. i will have to show you the video i took of him as he tried to remember the name for the sport "curling". he acted it out and everything. haha! our other class had one person. the anziani received him as a referral from an rm lady in pulgia. 

-we did my first mostra this week! i actually don't know what this is called in english but it is when you set up a display on the street and spot people. we picked the best day to do it and the BEST spot. we were right in the middle of this huge street festival and there were a million people! it was great! so great in fact we returned last night with the anziani and all of the proselyting goods we had and got rid of EVERYTHING! we found out at the end that the "festival" we were at was an octoberfest event. hahah! perfect spot for the missionaries! 

--we forgot some pieces to the mostra so we got creative.

-rita and baldo are doing great! baldo came to church for all three hours for the first time ever yesterday!! i could have cried with joy but i was too happy to try. ha! rita didn't come to church but we had another really great lesson with her this week. she said that she feels like she is in love with two men and can't pick which one she wants most. haha! such an italian, with these passionate parables. but she is praying and reading and feeling the spirit. now just pray that she will get her answers. even better, get her answers IN CHURCH! 

-we had transfer calls!!!!! i am dying in rome and sorella jackson is killing me! what a relief!! i am SO SO SO SO GRATEFUL to be able to finish my mission in this area. it is like my baby! we have been together since the beginning and, like sorella waddoups said on the phone when she told us the good news, i have to "get it all done" before i leave. WITH PLEASURE! an anziano in our district is going to taranto! i have been telling him all about it and how lucky he is ALL WEEK!!! aka since saturday when we found out. and an anziano that i was in the mtc with and haven't seen since is coming here. goooooood times ahead for all! 

--tita stole my camera after her nutella snack.

-i have been having the silliest of silliest of dreams lately. really. i had 3 dreams in a row that just made me giggle all week. i am writing a letter to the fam about it because i don't have time to go into detail here. but the dreams were mostly about how i went home after the mission and nobody wanted to be my friend (including my family!). so i kept telling sorella jackson about these sillies and she was feeling all bad for me, worrying that there might be some future-telling in said dreams. she jumped for joy when i got a letter from my family. "see they do miss you and they do love and they are excited for you to come home!!!!" i wasn't worried ... until in fast and testimony meeting yesterday, 3 or 4 members stood and talked about dreams and how we should treat them seriously because god uses our dreams to warn and guide us. haha! so i figured i would just be sure ... i still have friends right? my family doesn't want to ship me off to london the same day that i get home right? you guys will want to let me have fun with you when i am home huh? hahah! just kidding. enough home talk.

-that is all.

i love you all and will continue to pray for your health, happiness, and missionary opportunities! don't ever take your tag off of your heart!

i will leave you with a great little italian thought that i learned in gospel principles yesterday ...

"tutti i nostri pensieri, le nostre parole, e le nostre azioni sono influenzati dalle nostre preghiere."

sorella wightman

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