3 weeks!!!

can you believe it's been 3 weeks since our last RMTC post? well YOU might believe it but for us (mom, dad, and sister) it's been ddrraaagggiiinngg. what helps pass the time is preparing for our sweet girl's return. this week we did that by making a "welcome back to the real world" package, to be presented to her at 8:35pm, november 29th ... right after she lands.

what does a "welcome back to the real world" package consist of you ask? let me share:

1. first and perhaps most important is an iphone. it's here where most of her re-introduction to the world will happen. remember how she doesn't know what vine or snapchat is? no fear, iphone is here. we've picked out the new iphone 5c in yellow. it just screams paige.

2. although it is technically allowed, you don't see a lot of missionaries wearing bright red lipstick. have you ever seen paige in bright red lipstick? she rocks it:

girl's gotta get back to this look. and with the help of sephora's cream lip stain, she will. this stuff stays just as vibrant as when you first applied it. 

3. if you have found yourself on pinterest in the last 3 months, you know that glitter everything is in. we figure paige could use her own glitter-smacked swag to help the transition. here we've got a sephora collection nail polish, "welcome to my loft". glitter-smack, CHECK!

4. one thing that missionaries don't get a lot of is SLEEP. can you imagine waking up at 6:30am every single day for 18 months and NEVER sleeping in??? i have to say this thought alone deterred me from serving a mission. paige is gonna be real sleepy, what she needs is a sleep mask, this one's from fred flare:

5. if mormon culture teaches us anything, it's that we need to get married as soon as possible. sure you can spend a few years at byu, yeah why not serve a mission, but then YOU NEED TO GET MARRIED. if only the mission didn't take every sexual urge right outta ya ... enters mormon dating books! specifically "fearless dating" by chris and julia deaver and don mccartney:

6. of course we'll need to get her caught up on fashion trends! does she have patterned leggings? how about a striped maxi skirt? does she even know the importance of color blocking??? h&m has got ALL of paige's trendy needs covered. 

7. perhaps a missionary's most prized possession is their planner. it has all of the numbers, their goals, information for investigators, members, less-actives, it is their life-line. now, we do want to make the transition seamless, but we won't be going this route ...

but the cuter, still organized, paper source route:

and that's about it. anything we should add?

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