paige gets home one week from today! it feels so good to type/write/yell those words from the mountain tops.

we have so much to do:
- clean/reorganize/redecorate paige's room
- decide which newly discovered restaurant to take her to first*
- decide which movie we will make her watch first**
- decide what music should be playing in the car ride home
- finish preparing her "welcome back to the real world" package
- make oodles of WELCOME HOME! signs and buy balloons and confetti and all things celebration to take to the airport party!!!
- try to stay calm and keep busy so we don't find ourselves counting the seconds, thus making the next 7 days go by at a glacial pace

*choose one of the following:  jwongs, oh mai, cubby's, santa pasta, pizza limone, habit burger, cucina vanina, la jolla groves, eva's bakery, pig and a jelly jar.
**from our 18 month long must-see list, we've pick one of the following to show first: the amazing spiderman, skyfall, or the way way back.

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mack said...

I have only seen 12 of the movies on your list...maybe we should hang out more :)